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Coffey’s Danc’n Place (CDP) was established in 1982 by sisters Cheryl Coffey and Cathy 
Coffey. After twenty-three years of dedicated co-ownership, Cathy decided to focus her efforts on teaching only and remains on staff at CDP.  Since that time, Cheryl has continued to successfully own and operate CDP.  At the same time, Cheryl maintains a close relationship with her students by teaching several classes of various levels and ages.

Coffey’s Danc’n Place has gained a well-deserved reputation for being one of the top studios in the Brampton and surrounding area. While being fun and family oriented, CDP is committed to providing the best dance training possible for children and adults of all ages and levels.  The staff at CDP are dedicated to providing the best possible dance and life experience to the community as demonstrated over the past 33 years!

Coffey’s Danc’n Place offers classes in jazz, tap, ballet, acrobatics, hip-hop, contemporary/lyrical, jumps and turns, stretch and strength and pointe.  We offer an excellent part-time program for those who just love to dance, a pre-competitve program for those students wishing to compete locally at an entry level and an outstanding competitive program for those who love to compete.  All our dancers perform in our spectacular year end Recital at the beautiful Rose Theatre.

Our Philosophy

Our studio philosophy is to give you the gift of dance. Our wish is for every child to feel the roar of applause for a job well done. We are not just teaching dance; we are building memories to last a lifetime.  Coffey’s Danc’n Place offers the very best in dance training.  Our fully accredited teachers are experienced with both recreational and competitive dancers.   We will continue to instill in the students of CDP a sense of character and self-worth by building on the basic physical and mental demands generated in dance.


Coffey’s Danc’n Place will be celebrating their 34th successful year of dance on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at the Rose Theatre.  Stay tuned for show details and ticket information!


Coffey’s Danc’n Place celebrated their 33rd successful year of dance on June 13, 2015 at the Rose Theatre with The CDP Spectator, featuring all of the 2015 Coffey’s Danc’n Place dancers.  Please view CDPtv to see CDP in action!

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